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Reservations and Ticketing agent

  • An airline customer service in Reservations and Ticketing works in an airport or a call-center city office, providing information and assistance to its bona fide passengers and the general public at large.
  • In a call center, an airline customer service agent helps customers with flight reservations, itinerary changes, baggage concerns and questions about customer loyalty programs. Face-to-face interaction occurs at airports or at the Airlines City office outlets.
  • At a front counter be it Airport or a City Office an airline customer service agent assists passengers with check-in, issues tickets, provides flight information, checks baggage and solves ticket-related travel problems.
  • Furthermore, at such points, based on the interactions from passengers either over call or in person the Reservations & Ticketing Agents may upgrade seats, effect changes in date, call passengers if there are any significant changes of timing, issue pre-booked excess baggage tickets, take meal and seat requests, wheel chair requests etc etc.
  • A work-day may be routine or very stressful. For example, a weather or safety issue may cause the cancellation of several flights. Harried passengers trying to make a connecting flight or get to a destination may take their frustration out on the first employee they see. That employee is usually an airline customer service agent. Uncontrollable circumstances may leave a service agent without a remedy to a problem. Remaining calm and poised under pressure plus maintaining a smile is a critical duty of this job.
  • Knowledge of documentation to authenticate a passenger’s travel as laid down by the concerned Airlines and Statutory Government Civil Aviation Authorities is a must.
  • However, in today’s scenario of modern functioning in the Aviation Industry the role of a Reservations & Ticketing Staff has merged with of a Ground Staff where every staff should have all round knowledge of Reservations & Ticketing and Ground handling.