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What Does a Ground Staff in Airport really do?

The ground staff is the one of the most departments in airport management. The duties performed by ground staff are varied and immense.

Ground staffs work range is from technical to commercial to ensure safe and steady departure and arrival of an aircraft. Some in Aviation refer them as ‘ground crew’. The job of ground crew is to keep airplanes running efficiently.

  • Their duties include welcoming passengers, assisting passengers in need(like elderly passengers, first time travelers, specially abled passengers), ensuring discipline and decorum at points starting in check-in counters, boarding gates and aircraft entry doors.
  • Additionally ensuring timely take-off, airport ground staff, coordinating with other Airport officials/bodies and vendors etc, etc.
  • Ground staff are the people who work both inside and outside of the airport terminal itself, additionally they are also responsible for inspection, security,storage, storing luggage ,stocking airplane with food and beverages. They are also the ones who interact with the crew on-board too providing them with variousstatutory documents before and after take-off.
  • Overall, they manage, maintain and secure every work related to passengers and flight at the airport.

Required Skills

  • To become a successful ground staff a person must have well defined communication skills packed with good amount of confidence and presentation abilities.
  • Additionally one has to be diplomatic enough to handle any problem that the passenger might face and should be able to handle and tackle pressure at any time. For this, the dominant attributes are discipline, helpful nature and good organizational skills.
  • Knowledge is the key factor as a Ground Staff needs to adopt to the various changes in this field while you handle passengers and flights with adequate and precise information.
  • Lastly, a Ground Staff’s work is very demanding and exhaustive. The aspirant must be in good health and spirits to do justice to the job with a smile. They should be ready to put in the efforts during long irregular periods in case of irregular operations arising out technical or climatic reasons or other unforeseen circumstances.