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Job of Cargo Officer

A Cargo Executive/Officer will carry out pre-manifesting and manifesting according to booking list, load plan and adhere to all loading limitation/requirement. He/She has to communicate closely with warehouse and Load Control so as to deliver load figures accurately and timely. Duty requires to accept various cargo products e.g. general cargo, Pharma LIFT, live animal, dangerous goods, etc according to the company and industrial standards on safety, security and electronic documentation e.g. E-AWB handling. Additionally, handle post-flight documentation and activities according to standards set by DGCA, the respective airlines and other statutory bodies of Aviation.

Required Skills of a Cargo Handler

At the most rudimentary level a cargo handler must be able to repeatedly lift items of 50 pounds/23 Kilos or more. He is a member of an airline's ground-ramp crew and is responsible for safely loading and unloading passengers' luggage and other cargo from an aircraft.

He or she must speak, read and write English and local language, and communicate effectively. The airline industry is one with tight schedules and exacting regulations so the ability to constantly work under the pressure of a deadline is needed. Experience in operating a forklift or other industry related machinery is an asset.

Job Prospects

If you are looking for an opportunity to break into airline or airport jobs, then this could be just what you are looking for.

Airports often have airline baggage and cargo handler jobs open, and it is a good way to get started – but it will require some hard work. Once you have the job, you can go from there to other job openings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is currently expecting the number of passengers and cargo volume to greatly increase within the next few years. In fact, as long as the economy holds out, they expect it to almost triple from what it is now. This means that now is a good time to get into jobs that can provide a great future for you.