Due to Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) Talento Aviation started online admission and training.

Since 2018, the time from when Talento Group of Companies gained momentum, we have successfully placed above 3000 candidates in various departments of airlines and its subsectors.

Hereby, we share our statistics of the number of candidates placed in Aviation Industry in the last quarter of 2019-2020

A glance on our Placement Statistics of last quarter 2019-2020.


Talento modas operandi believes in giving precisely what is required to get selected in the job interviews. We just impart what is required discarding the non-essentials. Our compact and precise course modules are good enough to give the extra edge required as against the long-term(six months/one year) courses followed by other such concerns. We consider that a waste of time and resources of our candidates who would be likely to commute long distances to attend classes for a year. Talento offers course duration in various job disciplines not extending more than 12weeks(3months).


We have the best trained and proven Faculty members from the actual world of Aviation who would be grooming the candidates with all necessary skills and giving them the confidence to tackle any situation with a humble smile.


We have an honest approach to our aspirants with a money-back guarantee(subject to certain guidelines), if we fail to place a candidate. This happens to be one greatest attributes of Talento. We feel money is precious and service is important above all. We will have financing facilities of the charges too very soon, through bank tie-up in the nature of a loan.