This is to inform all aspirants seeking an entry into the top-notch Aviation Industry, that we are conducting regular online training every single day from 10am to 6pm. Covid-19 has made us all undertake unanticipated and unprecedented challenges all around us. However, Talento Aviation Services Pvt Ltd vouch to deliver the best and build your dream career in the world of Aviation.

Question 1. What are various disciplines in the Aviation Industry ?

A. The various disciplines in the Aviation Industry can be broadly categorized under the following heads to keep it simple : (i) Cabin Crew/Air Hostess (ii) Ground staffs (iii) Reservations and Ticketing Personnel (iv) Cargo Personnel (v) Inflight Catering Personnel (vi) Airport Retail and Utilities personnel.
A. If anyone is interested in joining the aviation industry, there are two option for this. The options are – (i). Prepare yourself by your own and face the walking interviews conducted by Airline Companies and Aviation sub sectors. (ii). The second most prudent and realistic option is to chooseTalento Aviation as the bridge or ladder mainly due to the following reasons: a. Best Aviation Institution in West Bengal yet connecting with all the aspirants from entire Eastern India and North-east States. b. Best infrastructure with 15 branches. c. Best candidate oriented staffs/faculty. d. Best Faculty Members (Min 10-15years experience in aviation Industry). Senior top management Ex-Airlines persons are engaged with us too,very actively. e. Best grooming classes by experts who appearing presentable. f. Best Placement facilities and assistance all according to qualification and ability.This actually remains the most important attribute of Talento and we are way ahead of others in matters of opportunity and transparency towards our enrolled candidates.
A. Fresh candidates are always welcome into this industry. Companies always look for freshers to recruit as they are the brains with more efficiency and have the zeal to learn and adopt things easily. Aviation industry is always in need of fresher and once recruited they introduced into the company with induction process and further enhanced training.
A. Not in every field of the industry. For Cabin Crew fluency in English language is mandatory, for direct Airlines commercial staff fluency in English is mandatory, for GHAs moderate English is mandatory, for Airport retails moderate English is required, for Cargo CSA moderate English is required, for loaders and porters English is not mandatory, for food packaging units English is not mandatory and many more.
A. Yes, we do provide English communication classes and it is integrated in our modules.
A. Our Course teachers are all Ex-Airlines personnel and they make sure you develop the right skills and knowledge during the interview rounds conducted by the recruiters. Moreover before every campus interview, eligible candidates are called for an pre-interview briefing so that they gain the necessary confidence and courage.
A. Cabin crew – 18 to 26 years
Commercial staff – 21 to 30 years
Airport ground staff – 18 to 30 years
Cargo and rest – 18 to 34 years
A. As we have collaboration and close association with such recruiting companies, we are kept informed of the recruitment date, time and venue of the campus interviews to our candidates.
A. Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Airport Outlets, Airline Cargo.
A. Yes we do have practical internship program included in our training for our candidates to get an open picture of the airport functionalities and to know the related areas where they can be placed or would be working in future if selected in the interview.
A. Yes there is a grievance cell and is handled by legal and contracts department with our Directors too, of the company. The Managing Director personally looks into this department's working.
A. Yes we do have schemes to support our candidates pertaining to the charges and supportive loans till the time they are placed. We would be eager to brief you on the procedures if such candidates contact us.

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