Due to Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) Talento Aviation started online admission and training.

Biplab Kumar Sinha

Chairman, Talento Group

No bird soars too high if it soars with its own wings. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much and reach the farthest”.

With the ever growing needs and technological advances this industry now demands more professionalism in keeping it booming and safe. The responsibility of achieving zero accident rate not only depends on pilots or crew members but also on all the professionals working at the ground. Hence, proper co-ordination between the man and the machine is required. Keeping in view the above, Talento Group of Companies comes in as a provider of trained and motivated candidates to fill the vacancies of the Aviation sector and its subsectors. We established ourselves in 2013 at Sector V Kolkata, and from then onwards never looked back. Currently, we have fifteen branches and Press Media wing too under the Talento umbrella.

We have the best training modules emulating the actual scene of action in the Airports and our instructors are one of the finest who are all Ex-Airlines personnel. We are trying to improve and we are currently a family of nearly 300 members.

Furthermore, we are delighted to say that many of our former students are now holding envious position with various Airlines, GHAs and in other aviation related companies both in India as well as in abroad.With this note of confidence, I seek the support and confidence of this Aviation industry and the aspirants who can approach the bridge built by Talento, giving them the tangible dream job in the Aviation Industry. Wishing a safe and secure Aviation Industry and a great fulfilling career to all.